Friday, 10 July 2015

Green Finger Girl

I've been floating in limbo for a while now, mostly feeling "incomplete" in a variety of manners. The kids are both at school and relatively settled in routine, hubby works all day and I ... well I generally do my own thing moving between looking after the kiddos, running, spinning, riding my bike a class or two but no real meaning to any of it (well besides the kids part). I'm not training for anything right now either so there's not even a training plan to follow!  So needless to say I have been wailing to the other half that I need to find something, a project, go back to work ... volunteer ... just SOMETHING!

So after some musing and wot-not we realised that we were whinging about our garden being a jungle and how it runs away with us and blah blah it's never going to look good ever again and we should really grow our own veggies blah blah, then ..... the husband of mine declared "why not make the garden your job!"
Well why not indeed!
- Its flexible working hours
- I can get plenty of fresh air (hayfever and all)
- The kids & dogs can come to work with me
- I get to learn all sorts of kinda shit about plants and veggies and flowers and fruits and everything
- I might even actually develop green fingers in the process
I'm actually excited by the prospect.

Now I'm not expecting our property to look like something from Kew Gardens or The Chelsea Flower Show just yet but there's potential and that thrills me and has actually moved me into gear.
There is Rosemary & mint in there ... somewhere!

Our "veggie garden" as it stood 2 weeks ago

All that long grass & weeds ... veggie boxes!

Making a start, clearing 1 box at a time

I get to use "man toys" ... there is a whole shed full of them, I nearly pee'd myself I was so excited. 
2nd box before & after
The back box was lovingly cleared & has already been planted up by mini-me-snr. He cottoned on to my plan and asked for his own box. He's planted potatos, squash, leeks, carrots, mint & runner beans. He waters them all regularly. 
This in itself will be worth it, to see him grow something from the earth.

Now until I find my "green finger rhythm" I don't do this all day or every day but an hour here and there and I can see results. I'm pretty late in starting so accept that I will not see much in the way of produce but I think I can get some salads out for a start and very importantly, I will have cleared boxes ready to rock for next year. 

Also on the agenda is finding someone interested in mowing the field and making hay to take away since we have no animals bar the chickens so no need for hay in large quantaties. I've put feelers out and there has been a good response so hopefully there will be someone who follows through. 

So long for now from your happily sneezing in the sunshine, running gardener.