Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Field of Dreams

I found someone close to us interested in mowing our field and making a few bales of hay for their horses. He has access to the right equipment and it means the family don't need to buy in as much hay as they have been & I get the field mowed by someone else.  But because the field has been largely left to its own devices there is a substantial amount of ragwort growing. 
Ragwort + horses = a no-no. 
Ragwort is toxic & damages their liver if consumed in quantity. While hay-man is not expecting us to remove it (he said he would) operation "pull it up" commenced today and I managed to get about a third of the field done before he gets here tomorrow. While I was out there though I found some interesting things along with a zillion bumble bees & flying insects. 
Spider?  Glad I didnt meet it!

And then these little guys as well ...
Can you see them dangling off the ragwort?
Well after a little research I found out they are Cinnabar caterpillars and will turn into these beauties eventually. 

Got to ❤️ the great outdoors and how wonderful nature is.