Monday, 6 April 2015

New Glass Slippers

OK so with 700+ kilometres on my current trainers I hit up the Sweatshop in Brighton for a new pair, this Easter weekend.  The dude called neutral after standing on their "light plate thingie" (technical term right there) so he brought out a tester pair.  That way he could video me running in a "neutral" way.  After the 1st analysis … he called over pronator.  So even though while I stand I look neutral, as I run my left ankle in particular falls in.  I then proceeded to be videoed and analysed in each pair of trainers I tried on and turned out the Nike Zoom Structure 18s left me feeling suitably supported and comfortable.

I am super happy with my new trainers, and I have tested them out at gym already for a short jaunt so next outing with be "out-out".