Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The one where I thought it would be a good idea to take snr along with on the bike, run

Today I wanted to go for a run and since its half term holidays for the kids, I thought it a nice idea if mini-me-snr came along with on the bike (jnr is out all day being Mr Social Butterfly!). Anyways, so I told him how far I was going (14.5km) so he knew it was NOT a short one! I'd said before we left that if he thought it was going to be "an issue" he could stay home but he said no he wanted to come with and that made my heart swell up and go all gooey so we forged ahead.

We hit up the Downs Link from Bluecoat (my gym, with free parking) …. what I will say is that it was not all roses and unicorns,
… this picture ^^ was taken early on in the run!
… this ^^ is more how the 2+hours went ;-)

It was beautiful out and I was determined to get the miles done, I learnt not to stop and walk with him too much because I started to get cold (Still only 6ÂșC out) so I would run ahead and loop back to him which turned out to add an extra km on to the run …. no wonder I have been under the duvet since getting home!

The splits show where I was least tolerant of his hissy fits because he insisted on wearing jeans and not trackie-trousers, sometimes mothers do actually know what they are talking about.

Certain parts were an absolute mud fest and snr managed to get mud from head to toe
 we HAD to walk across this field, just way to muddy and slippery :(
… yes even in his hair!

Alls well that ends well tough and we both made it back alive and he still got some great nosh afterwards.  Next time however, he might not insist on wearing jeans …. if indeed he ever comes with me again.

We had beautiful weather for the most part and got loads of fresh air.

How do you deal with kids or "others" when they realise half way through something its not quite what they imagined it to be?