Sunday, 22 February 2015

On and Off Road Ride

This morning hubby & I decided to head on out for a bike ride instead of doing a spin class.  It hand not rained in 2 days and was brisk and fresh with frost out so we helmeted up and headed out.
Well the romance of riding out instead of doing spin class this morning didn't last very long ….

It looked promising at first …

But then …
we had to get off and push …
… and push, for about 2 to 3 kilometres.

FINALLY, we were up and on our way and didn't have to do anymore pushing.
HOWEVER, I came to the sad realisation as I heard little Strava man belting out my "splits" that Mo Farah can run faster than I can pedal so bests I get a move on ;-).

PS. I SO looked like a runner dressed to go on a bike ride :-)