Monday, 2 February 2015

January bleeds into February

Just had a look at my spreadsheet & I ran 93.44km in January wooohooo, I'm hoping that is going to be 100+ for February even with a few days less. Making it one of my #februarygoals

Todays run comes to you compliments of this up & coming Wednesday, so I did 6.7km, I felt heavy but I managed slow & steady.
Picture proof for your enjoyment.
Reason I switched today with Wed was because over the weekend I thought I had drunk too much sparkling water (yes I know how to live it up ;-) ) and given myself abdominal cramps but by Sunday they were still there along with burning stomach ache and a thumping headache.  So much so that I had to ditch spin class early because effort made my headache worse.  Think I may have had something wrong with me or caught the kids virus from them.  Felt way better this morning but didn't want to risk being out on a 13km run and half way round the tummy gets all dodgy again …. no I was having none of that ;-)

I'm also doing Laura's Wholeheartedly Healthy yoga challenge this month #februarygoals which is to commit to 5 minutes of yoga every day for February.  So far so good even if I did have to roll out of bed last night because I had forgotten on day 1 already ;-)

Also doing Michelle's @ Movin' It With Michelle plank challenge this month #februarygoals I think I need to work on my core (not surprised TBH ;-) )

And last but not least FOOOOOD.  I am back onto eating the Banting way (Real Meal Revolution) and already I feel better for it; better sleep, better energy, skin clearing up etc
Leftover Lush Soup
roast broccoli & caluiflower, 1/2 roast sweet potato, roast chicken + fresh pan fried beacon and a cheeky cup of frozen corn
Banting bread recipe

But just to show I can keep it balanced, here is the kids post school sports snack ….
"keeping it real"