Sunday, 11 January 2015

parkrun montage

I've had a great exercise week this week and completed:
- 4 runs for 21.77km
- 2 spin classes for 41.4km
- 1 strength workout
- 1 Body Balance class
- 1 swim for 550m

Its felt great to properly complete a full on week of exercise and this week I'm going to make a concerted effort to get back to my healthy eating …. 2 hobnob biscuits per cuppa tea/coffee equals a not  so very healthy day!!!

Thanks to Col-B Photography I have put together these for your eyeballs to view.
The snail trail start round the lake
After I'd finished (putting my jacket back on in case you were wondering) … didn't know the camera was there but it looks like I'm looking right at the lens :-)

Me on the snail train (1st lap of the lake)
No, I never did catch up to the whipper-snapper & her mom!
Finish line pic - love it!

That makes my parkrun total 16/50 to date.

I generally start right at the back for parkrun but on Saturday I noticed that I put little to no effort into the 1st half, possibly because I know there are 2 hills in the 1st 2.5km or because I just "go with the flow" SO, this Saturday I plan to start a little further up and then try keep up with the pack I start with and see if it makes a difference to me mentally and then hopefully in my performance as well.

Have a great week everyone.