Sunday, 30 November 2014

Crochet, Dogs & Cake

Today I am resting up; I am on my bed, laptop to hand listening to "I know why The Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou.  I also have my current crochet project next to me to, hopefully, finish off by Wednesday as it needs to wing its way back to Australia with my dearest friend for her daughter,
YES, it is defiantly a Christmas gift ;-)

Today is Rufus' 3rd birthday and I am grateful for every day that he is with us since his Immune Mediated Polyarthritis diagnosis.  Most days he is fine and only slightly limps ad shows no signs of pain.  Today he got his birthday present … a squawking chicken toy.
I can tell this is going to be loved but destroyed within days!

I seem to have pulled my bicep in my left arm and strained the insertion point in my elbow … hence why I am resting up because it seems to have drained me of energy.  So lots of BioFreeze gel, ibuprofen and an epsom salt baths are in order today.
On the upside, I've checked my mileage for the month and got very near to my 50mile running target and clocked up 47.2miles.  I am going to try get a 10k+ runs in this week because half marathon training starts on 15 December.  Its been a while since I've followed a training programme but I'm really looking forwards to it … the training and the half marathon that is ;-)

I am still enjoying eating a low carb high fat daily diet and have recently felt comfortable enough with it to introduce LCHF substitute sweetness.  My latest finding is a "one minute muffin" I have tweaked it by substituting flax with coconut flour and adding slightly more oil, a teaspoon of vanilla and add a square or 3 of 85% chocolate …. drizzled with a dash of double cream because it can be a tad dry for my palate.
Suffice to say ...
I LOVE it.
How do you get ready for Christmas?
I generally leave everything until the last minute!