Sunday, 9 November 2014

Being Grateful

If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed (amongst all my competition retweets) that I have been tweeting a daily gratitude post.  Todays I feel needs a bit more than what 140 characters can offer me.
So the sunshine, strong legs and strong lungs is self explanatory as mine carried me through a fantastic 8m run.  Now during that 8km run a fellow school gate mom came flying past me, she slowed, we exchanged good mornings and then she was off.  Now instead of thinking thoughts like
"I'm so slow"
"Why do I bother"
"I'm quitting after this lap" … (it was my 1st of 3!)

I had thoughts of
"Go Jenny, you are amazing"
"If we all ran the same pace how boring would that be!"

And so I am very grateful that we ARE all different and I am totally thankful to me for being me.

Happy Monday tomorrow people, wake up and be thankful.