Monday, 27 October 2014

Social media to the rescue

You've got to love social media and the benefits of it.  Today I was wailing away on twitter about feeling lethargic (read pathetic) and not wanting to go out for a run which was the silliest thing because it was a most beautiful autumn day out . Anyways, a friend responded …..
and so after trying to wiggle out of it we went and we did (individually) but it was great to know she was out there at the same time.  We have arranged to run towards each other next time so we can run a bit together then go off on our separate ways - that will break up the boredom of the run too since I plan on trying to run a little longer each week.
Our "proof" pictures
And last but not least, my run route.  I was very happy with the time and pace (an average of 07:04min/km) and felt comfortable throughout - YAY me.

I'm still mulling over my spring half marathon (Surrey or Hampton Court half) and autumn marathon (Bournemouth, Chester or Yorkshire), there is one where I can get free entry to one of the marathons if I enter a vlog on "WHY they should pick me" but I always feel so embarrassed doing vlogs …. in fact I don't think I ever have done one to be honest YEIKS.