Monday, 13 October 2014

Soccer Mom

Heavens I have marched right on past my 6 weeks taste test period of Banting that I set for myself and I have not checked in at all over the past few weeks. Well, I still seem to be moving on with it and enjoying it if I'm totally honest.  I'm not board with the food or what I can do with it. SO, what have I learnt about myself over the past 6 odd weeks?
  1. I love cheese ... all kinds from stinky to bog-standard cheddar, just not vegan cheese YECH, sorry
  2. I can drink black coffee, with a teaspoon of coconut oil in (blitzed preferably but stirred will do!)
  3. I no longer crave sweet things.  I joke that I "lost my sweet tooth" because basically if you remember I did in fact actually loose a front tooth a few months back .... must have been my sweet one heeheehee
  4. I am no longer a grazer 
  5. I took an energy dive in the first few weeks with exercise but have started to feel stronger the longer I go these days .... I am totally excited to see where this takes me once I start training for a race
  6. Dairy is my nemesis (see #1 above) and if I eat too much of it it slows down my weight loss, of which I am making great progress and feeling better in my clothes than I have in a looong time and it doesn't feel like an effort
  7. I can be quite creative in the kitchen with the same ingredients
  8. Cauliflower is my favourite, its SO versatile I can eat it steamed or make wraps out of it ... I need to learn how to grow it year round I think
OK so besides that what else have I been up to?

Exercise has found a routine and as a general rule looks like this:
MONDAY: Run (4-7km)
TUESDAY: Spin class
WEDNESDAY: Run (up to 4km speed/tempo)
THURSDAY: Body Balance class
FRIDAY: Run (4-7km)
SATURDAY: If there is no football match on its parkrun with the kids
SUNDAY: Spin class

What you will notice is that there is no strength in there so this week I am going to try add in some.

Autumn has well and truly landed in England and I've even pulled my boots out their summer hiding place & my wellies are at the ready at the front (and back) doors for most sojourns out into the garden and sometimes just to get me to the car!

Life as a Soccer Mom* has kicked in as season gets under way and I find myself standing sidelined watching a bunch of U9year olds chase a ball around a field for 2 hours on a Saturday ... fortunately practice days (of which there are 2 a week) I get to drop & dash YEEEHA

I still get to deal with this though!
If there is anyone out there wanting to sponsor a fast growing 8 year old in football kit please contact me via the comments box below otherwise this is what he looks like on his non-football-playing days 
*Please be aware that I may often refer to Soccer as football .... as we do here in England ;-)