Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Day In London

The kids and I headed up to "THE BIG SMOKE" for some fun and adventure today.  A while back I had promised mini-me-jnr that we would go onto the HMS Belfast the next time we were up and so it was time to keep that promise.  Thing was …. ever parent and child on half term holiday had the same idea!!!
I also have a new found respect for anyone who attempts to run in London!
… and there were more than just a few that I saw.

We had a fab time once on the ship (thats the queue on the RHS we were in the pic above).  We covered pretty much all areas from top to bottom and all that lay in-between.

and then I lowered the tone by taking an "I-pee'd-on-the-HMS Belfast" bathroom selfie ;-)
It was a stunning day to be up in London and am so pleased that the boys had a good time.
OH and just in case you thought I was slacking off from physical exercise today we covered just more than 5km and climbed (the stairs were VERY steep) 11 floors whilst on the ship.

Good times. Happy memories.