Sunday, 7 September 2014

Lessons From My Week

  1. I do not have to think about food 24/7 when changing to a new way of eating
  2. I do not have to constantly eat to not be hungry but still eat lovely food 
  3. I can smell a hot dog and whilst it smells amaze-balls I do not HAVE TO HAVE one
  4. I can say no to churros & chocolate as well as sticky toffee pudding & ice cream in one day and not have a chocolate melt down & binge the next day
  5. I can still go out for lunch or dinner and have a fantastic meal without breaking my healthy way of eating 
  6. Espresso Martinis are sublime 
  7. A family that runs together stays together ….. RIGHT ;-) Running with the kids is about family time rather than just "time" …. its what I'm loving about running this time round.