Sunday, 14 September 2014

Eating, Banting and other stuff

I seem to be having more soup for lunch than salads which means that its getting cooler and by all accounts …. autumn is in full swing at my house.

Soup at my desk
This creeper is general only this colour October/November time!

Now I know how or what I am eating may be slightly cryptic for some but I didn't want to jinx it until I was certain it was something I could do and maintain.  I set myself a 6 week challenge of following the Banting way of eating (I have links on my PGM Resources page if you want to investigate further).  Its kinda like paleo or a high fat Dukan … basically its high fat low carb eating.  THANKFULLY its not a no veggie or salad eating, I can have fruit if I want too.
Some of my thoughts I've been jotting down as I go.

I am almost 3 weeks into my 6 week challenge and the most surprising thing for me has been that I have had ZERO cravings and have not even been tempted to have a "cheat" meal …. AT ALL, I mean who am I?? Its been 11 years since having mini-me-snr, have I FINALLY kicked the sweet tooth I got when I was pregnant with him?
I am not tired of the food since there is such variety and if I'm totally honest … breakfasts/brunches are my favourite.
At the half way point I don't want to commit yet to a lifelong way of Banting but I'm thinking it may be a way of eating that I can sustain for a lifestyle.

Now before anyone waggles their finger at me about high fat I've made a conscious decision as an educated adult before embarking on this journey.  There has been and continues to be loads of research that seems to constantly find that a high fat diet is not the underlying cause of heart disease/cholesterol/diabetes etc etc and in fact a low carb high fat diet (LCHF) can improve bad cholesterol and the like. There is a lot of finger pointing at the American FDA for "low fat is good for you" because since they started pushing that there has been a direct correlation to increased heart disease, cholesterol, and obesity in the world; all thanks to an increased sugar and carb intake … but that is a whole debate on its own.

In other news:
Apparently I have sloe berries in my garden … pity I don't drink much!
 This arrived on Friday and I had almost forgotten I'd even entered
Plantar Fasciitis reminders!
And I also realised that I need to not count parkrun as one of my weekly runs - that way I get 3 structured runs in my week and I can progress my running rather than trying to chivvy the kids along each week and be grumpy. So we can all relax and have even more fun at our parkruns :-)

Have seasons changed where you are yet?