Monday, 29 September 2014

Breaking Mental Barriers

Well this weekend I was totally inspired by all those racing and training hard around the world. From Berlin marathon to 5km in London I felt I needed a push and everyones tweets, Facebook updates and Instagram pictures have given me the boot-up-the-bum that I needed.

I posted this on Twitter ....
Considering this has been my one and only attempt at 26.2miles ....
.... that is one hell of a statement!

But I wouldn't have said it if I didn't think it was possible for me to achieve! And no its not going to be overnight and no it won't be a spring marathon ... more like an autumn one (I'm thinking Bournemouth but need to check dates).

I've also kinda had a mental block at running over 5km; I think mostly because I don't have a plan and no races to aim for and, and, and ....
So today I got on the treadmill and promised myself a slow run with no agenda.  Then at 4.5km I told myself nothing less than 6km and at 5.5km I told myself I would settle for nothing less than 6.5km
so, uuuum, yeah ... 6.51km broke my 6km AND my 6.5km mental block I was having WOOOHOOOO

I'm almost 5 weeks into my original 6week Banting challenge and I am still loving it.  The food is great, tasty loads of choice and I am not craving or hankering for chocolates, biscuits or any sweet stuff to be honest.  I mean I took a sniff of marshmallows the other day and nearly gagged as apposed to my usual "lets-see-how-many-of-these-we-can-scoff-in-one-mouthful" behaviour. Actually, my attitude and behaviour towards food in general has changed to one where I listen to my body for signals of when I am hungry.  It does mean that most days I only have breakfast at anytime past 9am (generally 11am), then no lunch, and dinner about 7pm.  I have a snack if I do feel hunger setting in.
I am very luck in that I am able to eat in this manner and not have to work around other peoples schedules.  It also means I can go to Thursday Body Balance at 12pm and not worry about when I'm going to eat lunch!

These barriers of mine have been in place for a loooooong time, I'm hoping I can move forwards with renewed mental strength.