Monday, 28 July 2014

#summer in pictures so far

OK, so rather than daily on the blog I thought a weekly snap shot would be less of a bombardment for  you.  I generally set this as my summer holiday challenge mainly because as you all know I am a lazy mare and this way it motivates me to get out and do SOMETHING with the kids every day otherwise they would have THE most boring summer holiday ever!
#Summer2 "feet" by the mini-me-snr. Before the thunder storms we hit up the park out back;
mini-me-jnr had a friend with him and snr bumped into a school mate so I dozed on my blankie ... perfect
The thunder storm

#summer3 after park run Saturday morning ... taking a break from the heat for refreshments

#summer4 was Sunday afternoon and it was filled with cricket at Newick cricket club … clearly it was thrilling.  The kids actually didn't watch any of the cricket but had their bikes at the back of us on the skate/bike ramps

I hope you are having a fantastic time wherever in the world you are and whatever you are doing.