Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Running Foot Plantar Fasciitis Update

Its been a while since I have bored you with an update of my plantar fasciitis foot but this is a GOOOOOD update.  I've made it all the way to the end of week6 of the Couch2 5km (C25k) run/walk app and today was day 3 of week 6 which had a full straight 20 minutes running on it. Now I may have done the London Marathon in 2013 but suffice to say there has been very little running since; so I was basically bricking it but headed out at about 11 this morning and did it!

My head conversation was silly and far from positive and went something like this:
I can't do this
Yes you can, don't be silly
But I'm TIRED!
So what!
I want to stop
No you can't stop … its only 20 minutes
Did I really run a marathon?
Oh crap when is that little voice going to say half way??
YAY half way, only 10 minutes to go
Oh help when is it "5 minutes to go"? I don't think I can keep going!
2 minutes … YES YES I'm nearly done
I'm done

Oh and my foot is doing great, no pain during and no pain after and I am being a good girl and stretching and massaging … so can I have a quietly confident "YAY" please ;-)

Downside was that I did the run with my top inside out, I was hoping if I couldn't tell no one else would either.


After lunch mini-me-snr and I hit up the pool for a few lengths unfortunately the skin around his neck reacted to something in the pool and he stopped after 6 lengths, I kicked on for the full scheduled 20 … my leggies were tired.

This picture took all the filters Instagram would give me 
this will be the very first and last swim picture ever!
Happy to be a runner again.