Friday, 11 July 2014

Diary Entry: Day 6 & a Friday Five

Friday Five:
1. Whilst Heffalump is cute and cuddly, I never appreciated being called that - EVER! You can only but imagine how that dented my confidence and identity as a child growing up.
2. The above need not be the way I live my life today and trust me ... call me that now and I'll give you what for!
3. Every second is a chance for a new beginning
4. After this week my eyeballs are all squiffy form all the screen time they have been subjected to - YIP, I'm being made to work in the office .... hubby is SUCH a slave driver ;-)
5. Sometimes change is hard, sometimes change is easy and sometimes change just messes with your head because you can't do what you want when you want.  Yes I'm talking again about me being in the office and missing my morning gym and coffee natter.  I'm working on refocussing.  I think I need some sort of challenge as a goal ... any ideas?

Exercise: nothing

Breakfast: Toasted Genius bread with slice of ham, scrambled egg & greater cheese = NOM; coffee
Snack: Coffee; tea
Lunch: Chicken, cheese & spinach quesadilla; mug of broccoli & cauliflower soup
Snack: 6 Nakd berry bites + 6 Brazil nuts, tea
Dinner: Leftover chicken biriyani with naan bread; scoop vanilla ice cream with warmed up rhubarb compote

Energy: in the middle somewhere