Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Diary Entry: Day 4

Exercise: 60 min spin class … a real sweat feast by the end but it took ALL my energy to get my ass to the gym for an evening class.

Breakfast: Slice Genius toast with scoop left over mince and fried egg; coffee
Snack: Tea
Lunch: Genius toast sandwich with slice of ham, cheese, spinach and mayo; half a Lucozade
... 34g of sugar per 250mls
& all it's done is give me a headache!
Snack: 4 Jacobs crackers with butter & almond nut butter; Tea
Dinner: BBQ chicken leg, pork sausage (snuck on the plate!!!) baked potato & salad

Energy: OK

Feeling: Staying positive, keeping the focus until it becomes habit.

Other News: It was the kids school sports day today.  Their team lost miserably but I think they had fun?!?!?!
There was running, penalty shootout, fill a bucket of water with a sponge (YES!) and hop-skip-jump!
Personally I think sports days are about character building and making most the kids do something they hate.  I mean besides the sprint, relay, penalty shootout and tug of war the rest of the "sports" are just fillers .... am I right or am I reading too much into this?