Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Diary Entry: Day 3

Exercise: Swim "drills", basically we selected a laminated card - there are a variety of cards you can choose from 10 lengths upwards.
So tonight mini-me-snr and I did "active 6" which was:
- 4 lengths warm up (breast stroke)
- 4 lengths kicking (front crawl)
- 8 lengths steady effort (front crawl)
- 4 lengths cool down (breast stroke)
… I felt it!

Breakfast: Slice of Genius toast with sliced cheese & scrambled eggs; coffee
Snack: Coffee; then Tea and 6 Nakd berry bites + 6 Brazil nuts + 6 almonds
Lunch: Genius toast sandwich with butter, spinach and left over pork chop sliced & light mayo; coffee
Snack: Homemade broccoli & cauliflower soup with a chopped up burger patty - yes I'm weird ;-)
Dinner: Penne pasta & beef mince Bolognese bake topped with grated cheese (lots of it); Tea

Energy & Feeling:

Other News: This picture arrived in the post today for my mom from one of her cousins.
My nanna is front right (as you look at the picture) and her 2 sisters