Monday, 7 July 2014

Diary Entry: Day 2

Exercise: Week5 Day1 of C25K completed at lunch time. 10 minute core work before bath.

Breakfast: Slice of Genius toast with ham, cheese and scrambled eggs; coffee
Snack: Tea
Lunch: Smoothie with spinach, mixed frozen berries chocolate cashew nut milk & a scoop of vanilla protein
Snack: 6 Nakd berry bites + 6 Brazil nuts and almonds
Dinner: 2 Smoky garlic beef burger patties & wraps with spinach & mayo - I skipped the hot chips GO ME ;-)
Energy: GOOD'ish considering

Feeling: Slightly headachy and fuzzy due to pants night sleep last night … it happens!

Other News: Its great to have friends who help you out when you need; these aren't close friends the people I'm talking about are school friends of the kids.  I say this because I really struggle with asking ANYONE for help and so for me to approach someone to look after the kids for a few hours after school before the sitter can collect them has taken me AGES to do …. and guess what - I needn't have worried because they are lovely people (I know this already hence my confusion/turmoil) and they are happy to help out ... it was me in my head that was struggling with asking!