Thursday, 24 July 2014

Change is GOOOOD

SO I know it seems like its been a while but since my last post I have been working on finding my new happy place with food.  Its been a struggle.  If you have followed me for a while you will know that I'm a swings and roundabout kinda person and I (in a way) take the bad with the good. You may have noticed that its been rough recently with food and exercise thanks to a new developing routine but I think I'm getting my head around it and thats a good thing.

It was funning because in the middle of last week a copy, that a friend had ordered of "Who Moved My Cheese" arrived and I found it quite poignant, had a giggle and it gave me renewed focus.  It made me realise (because I have read the book a while back) that its how I react to the new changes that makes the difference because I can do something about that.  ALSO
So mojo in place I'm hoping it will last a while.

Today is day 1 of school summer holidays and I am going to try do "a photo a day" and will be posting them here so remember to keep checking back.

... this was yesterday afternoon after picking up the kiddos from school