Saturday, 5 July 2014

All the Gear and No Idea

Last week was my one year gym-aversary, I've certainly made the most of it and have gotten my moneys worth that is for sure.  An average of 4 spin classes a week with bouts of TRX, Kettlebells, Body Balance and Pilates thrown in for good measure.  Even the rower was a firm favourite for a while.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to cancel my gym membership … well not yet anyway!

I want to talk about all the gear we have at home.  Our garage is a well stocked weights room with a bench, single bar adjustable rack, an olympic bar & weights as well as hand weights, there is even an EZ bar; a bike on a turbo trainer, a treadmill, kettlebells, steps, exercise balls galore, tension bands/straps, not to mention the space grabbing multi gym - AGH!
My exercise DVD collection is so large I believe I have not even done them all and couldn't possibly even find them all!!!

Now over the years I have used most of the stuff but the only thing that gets regular use is the treadmill.

SO … where does the "NO IDEA" bit come in?  Well its more a case of no motivation to do ANY home workouts recently.  I seem to happily do classes at gym or more recently go run but with a shake-up in my schedule I could do with a few more quick at home workouts.  It's not that I lack workout ideas or routines (or equipment for that matter) I seem to have no desire to do a workout at home that does not involve my treadmill and haven't for some time now.  I'm hoping its a passing phase that ends soon but I am seriously contemplating a few forced workouts but not sure I even have that in me.

Apathetic in Sussex