Monday, 14 July 2014


... does it help me to stay on track?

For the past week I have tried to keep myself accountable and on track with eating and exercise by daily posting what I've eaten and what exercise I have done and how I've been feeling over that time.  So has it helped me? Well yes and no would be my honest answer.

Yes it has helped because I, for the most part. thought long and hard before eating something I knew I shouldn't be eating and made me make wiser choices.  And also no because I felt so INCREDIBLY guilty when I missed out on an exercise secession I had scheduled in.

So whilst this seems to be Catch 22* I am learning the whole time.  I think HOPE that my sweet tooth is waining and I'm getting used to not having my mornings to myself. This morning was manic and a case in point that I needed to be sat at my computer ... much to my annoyance.

So last weeks exercise looked like this:
SUNDAY: Spin class DONE
MONDAY: C25K Week5 Day1 + Core DONE & DONE
TUESDAY: Weights/Kettlebells NO  + Swim DONE 
WEDNESDAY: Body Balance NO/ Core NO/ Yoga NO
I did however do a 60 min spin class and worked up a decent sweat 
THURSDAY: C25K Week5 Day 2 + Weights/Kettlebells - NO, NOTHING, DISASTER DAY
FRIDAY: Pilates NO
SATURDAY: C25K Week5 Day 3 + Weights/Kettlebells NO & NOTHING,

And last weeks food was overall not tooo bad, besides Thursday which was a SERIOUS washout day for everything really.
I will keep tabs on myself obviously but won't bore you silly this week with daily check-ins :-)

*The phrase "Catch-22" has entered the English language, referring to a type of unsolvable logic puzzle.