Saturday, 7 June 2014

June Sensations

Well since June is well and truly under way best I get cracking with a blog post, being busy is no excuse.

So far this month the sun has been shining here in England which means I have made a mad rush to get mowing as there is a substantial garden to get round as well as the field and since we don't have any sheep or goats to mow it for us its up to me to get it done …. I really should look into that sheep/goat thing, it would be great to have some more animals :-)
I know its weird because it's hot but I always wear my wellies and longs to avoid my legs getting lacerated by random bramble branches that are all over the place.

Also last week I received a pack of Walkers Sensations Popcorn which is the latest addition to their snack stable. 
The official press release
So in order to get the family involved the kids and I sat round the dining room table and we each chose a bag, tasted then passed the bag round to our left …. all VERY scientific as you can tell.

The results were as follows:
Mini-me-snr loved the Sweet Indian Spice

I loved the Sweet Cinnamon

And mini-me-jnr liked non of them, he's a true traditional salty like the hubster

Now whilst I feel Walkers are late to the flavoured popcorn craze I would say they are still worth a try as the flavours are unique. From the response in our household I get the feeling they are a bit like Marmite ... you will either love them or hate them but give them a go to be sure before casting judgement.


Disclaimer: I was sent the packs of popcorn for free in exchange for my honest opinion of them