Sunday, 29 June 2014

Getting Back on the Horse

The end of this week saw me finish week 4 of the Couch to 5km and I have to say touch wood it all seems to be going rather well.  As you can very well imagine I was very nervous to start up because the plantar fasciitis has not 100% gone away but by the same token its not any more painful due to the running.

How did I start up again?

Well first up I did 3 x 20 to 30 minute walks on the treadmill to test my foot out; these went well and there was no additional pain just general sensitivity in the heel and ball of my left foot.  With that done I then reviewed the C25K schedule and in order to keep myself slow and not do to much too soon decided this was the way forward for me.

My weekly schedules has been like this:
Week 1 & Week 2

Week 3 & Week 4

PREVENTATIVE MEASURES I am taking this time round:
I stretch my calf muscles, IT band & glutes randomly & daily; I am yet to master the post run stretch regime and it's still a bit hit & miss but something I am working on.
I have my frozen bottle of water at the ready in the deep freeze to roll my foot out if I go outside to run.
I also occasionally massage my foot with my "ultra sound" machine I bought when this plantar fasciitis thing all kicked off.

The thing that makes me most nervous is that I have done all this WITHOUT consulting my chiropractor Dr Nam, but I felt it was right and know that I will stop if the pain returns.  I have an appointment to see Dr Nam Tuesday so am rather nervous to tell him I've started back with run/walking but am quite excited too - I still put money on his knobbly fingers of pain finding a spot of PURE and UTTER ANGUISH while I am there.

In Other news ….
Mini-me-jnr played in his first soccer tournament, he was SO mega excited about it and then they lost 3 out of their 4 matches BADLY but he had an absolute blast and still got a trophy :-)
And last night I rode lead bike for the local St Catherine's Hospice midnight walk (choice of 7miles or 13miles … I did the whole 13 miles)
my shadow ready to go,
my "cheat sheet"
the lights in the park
Nike tracking the route … the ladies killed the half marathon (I started about half a km ahead of them)
me & my medal 

I'm exhausted but elated, not had a weekend like this for a while.