Friday, 13 June 2014


…. FRIDAY FIVE if you wish but I though just "FIVE" was more catchy - NO?!

Its been hot!
Not 32ºC hot that was because my car had been sitting in the sun for like ALL day!
And YES … my dash needs a clean.

My garden randomly sprouts rhubarb & mint

NO skill required from me (Sorry Charmaine, you gave me FAR too much credit for growing the stuff!).
Mint water is LUUURV-ER-LEEE

C25K is pooteling along nicely and my foot is thus far behaving'ish
The insane avg. and current pace was because I was on the treadmill and still had GPS on - DOH!
Mr Brave
We had a follow up appointment (from all his operations he had to have) and he got the all clear
No more ops so long as he continues to pee like a champion :-)
Doctor quote "I never want to see you again"
Mini-me-jnr quote in the car "now she can go back to being the best in the world at what she does"
(before mini-me came along she had 97.9% success rate … he messed with that stat)

Happy weekend folks, I plan on enjoying the English sunshine :-)