Thursday, 15 May 2014


Today, I went to the dentist to have a tooth pulled.  Its a crown I had done when I was 21 and 3 years ago I broke it by biting into one of the kids rice crispy squares (not had one since I tell you)
A representation of the offending item.
Anyways the dentist fixed it with a metal-post and some cement and it lasted almost 3 years, that is until it wobbled out all by itself last week so he re-cemented it but then took it out today as I was still in agony.
I am now officially an old denture wearing gum until I can afford an implant!

Today, I started woking on something new for my career and will let you into what I am up to in the near future so "watch this space" as they say.

Today, I have had a full rest day but DANG I can feel the last 2 days worth of planks working - I am SO keeping that up 5 times a week :-)

Tell me one thing you did today