Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Back Bridge

In a continued effort to strengthen my core and make my comeback to running stronger than previous attempts, mostly so I don't injure myself again, here is another of the exercises I have been doing.
Now whilst this is beautiful I have never been able to take the humble shoulders on the floor back bridge ALL THE WAY.
So I keep shoulders on the floor to concentrate on getting my gluteus to fire and strengthen and hopefully keep my hips stable and strong to avoid imbalance.
Suzanne gives lovely instruction in the video.
I still do several with both my feet firmly on the floor and am currently working up from 10 to 15 of the single leg alternative.

I am still finding it difficult to "fit the exercises in" but I am trying to say do a plank before bed or a few back bridges before my bath because at the end of the day something is better than nothing here, right!?

How do you fit in your core or strength exercises?
Can you do the full shoulders & head off the floor wagon wheel style back bridge?