Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I had BAD body image experience at the gym, it may have been real what I saw (the effects of a rubbish 2 weeks of food and exercise); or maybe my top was just sitting funny and made extra fat rolls …. either way I stopped looking at myself and focused on what I was there to do.  I don't have emotion right now to spend on how my body looks mainly because it works pretty darn well and hard for me so I need to give it a break from criticism.

On the gym front while I was there I had a fab workout
5 minute warm up on the rower
10 minutes core (from HERE)
+ 45 min spin class
All followed up with a good old natter afterwards.

I saw this last night while I was cruising around the internet, my motivation is to enter the kiddos in the junior one
…. but then I saw this 
and got a little bit excited!

What do you think?  Should I TRI it or focus on the kiddos this year?