Monday, 12 May 2014

Monday Madness

Its a big weekend this coming weekend, it's mini-me-jnrs 8th birthday and so lots of present shopping and menu planning has taken place.  His breakfast order is "2 croissants with bacon and a football chocolate cake"  and his present list looks like this:
He added a street hockey stick and puck balls by way of leaving Amazon open on my laptop with what he wanted … no flies on him then!

My day started out with a yummy breakfast burrito.  Not my traditional way of making it but I did what I could without guacamole or chilli beans.
After tea with friends this morning I collected my weekly "click and collect" shop from the supermarket and when I was unpacking was absolutely gobsmacked at the size of the sweet potato I'd ordered, I mean …
Needless to say I only had about 1/4 with dinner tonight.

I managed to get quite a bit of admin done and sorted out cheaper breakdown insurance and pet insurance ….. by A LOT.  Quite frankly I think I was being ripped off for being loyal and just letting renewals roll over.  My advice is ALWAYS get competitive quotes every year people!

I'm also back to whipping up a daily smoothie, it makes me feel super healthy and tomorrow I'm back in the gym for some core work and a spin class.

Do you just let you policies roll over or do you get competitive quotes every year?