Thursday, 29 May 2014

Half Term

For those that live anywhere else in the world besides the UK, half term are week long holidays that school kids have in the middle of their scheduled term … of which there are 4 "full" terms. Anyways, so my kids are off on half term this week and it can get slightly draining when they constantly try out do each other in the screaming, annoying, crying etc etc arena.  So as their mother it falls on me to entertain the little blighters darlings.  And you know what, its a 2 way street.  We get to spend time together, they get to burn off some energy and we all have fun and get along for the rest of the day.
Monday was tattoo day
 I got off lightly … I did try direct where they went so on the wrists only.
 Tuesday we went to the local nature reserve for a stroll … they whinged the whole way!

 But apparently it was great fun when mini-me-snr recounted his day to a friends uncle!
so all the whining was just for MY benefit … I wish they wouldn't spoil me so!

Today was swimming at gym
Kiddos managed 6 lengths & I managed 10 before I got bullied into a game of piggy in the middle.
Tattoos all came off in the shower afterwards - I was kinda getting attached to them tbh
The swimming was because I had to earn SOME calories to feed my latest obsession ...
After this picture they are all gone and I WON'T be buying anymore.

If you have them … how do your kids behave during holidays?
I really should count my blessings because so many parents have to put their kids into holiday clubs as they have work commitments.