Friday, 16 May 2014

Fasle Start Friday

I had a "false start" this morning, I was mentally ready to go to gym and do my spin but at 4am I was woken by my throbbing tooth or sorry … the lack thereof (it was pulled out Thursday) so I cancelled my spin class I had booked because my gum swings between an aching sting (I have 2 stitches) to throbbing pain - none of it good!  But enough about my pain it will be gone soon.

I posted this on Facebook earlier today but I feel it needs repeating and more attention.  
If you are in the USA have you seen the full movie?  I would love to hear your opinion on it.
What are your thoughts on low fat food, sugar in low fat food, sugar, fast foods or even the fact that shop bought ham generally has sugar in it?

In other news not of a "false start" fashion:
mini-me-snr had a haircut :-)
Rufus is STILL terrorising my poor girls!
The chooks are WAY less fussed about it than I am though.
aaaaaaand, I am still loving smoothies …
through a straw today because I'm all gummy at the moment!

Mini-me-jnr turing EIGHT years old on Sunday and besides no Sellotape (I have been to the shops about 4 times since running out last weekend and have forgotten each-and-every-single-time!!!!), I am ready.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.