Monday, 26 May 2014

Birthday Party

It was mini-me-jnrs birthday party yesterday and he had an absolute BLAST.  Go-karting with 16 of his school mates.

There was LOTS of go-kart action including "cops & robbers", there was a grand prix, a prize giving and awards ceremony.  Then they wolfed down hot dogs, crisps and various bits of junk.

… and then I threw out 2 footballs (birthday presents) and they entertained themselves for the last 20 minutes … man kids can eat quickly when they want to!

What are your thoughts on birthday parties for kids, good idea or waste of money?
Snr isn't bothered with parties so we don't do them (his choice); but my little man didn't have a party last year and he has absolutely LOVED his this year so I'm going for good idea if they want them.