Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A day In My Life

Yeah ... OK OK so this is a total copycat blog style post; still you know you want to see what I get upto don't you!

So without further ado here is what today looked like:
06:45 1st Alarm goes off.
07:00 Lumi is totally bright and screaming at me so I get out of bed; go let the dogs and chickens out. Back upstairs to go to the loo, brush teeth and get dressed.
07:20 Go wake kids up. Iron kids school shirts and lay out their school clothes (I forgot last night!).
07:40 Downstairs to make breakfast & coffee for myself & hubby, eat breakfast
08:00 Kids have still not eaten breakfast so make them breakfast (1 toast, 1 cereal); and feed the dogs … supposed to be a kids chore but I can see this is not going to happen.  Give Rufus his meds.
08:05 Pack kids lunch boxes, get shoes and socks for kids and chivvy them to finish getting ready (still not eaten all their breakfast); get kids school bags ready.
08:15 School run time: load up kids and bags into the car to go to school; stop off at the Co-op for milk on the way.
08:55 Home from school run so make a cuppa tea and hit up emails and Facebook for some catch up & start writing this blog post.

 09:45 ….. maybe I should actually do some work.  I’m busy doing some groundwork for a project I am working on; its coming along nicely and I will reveal more in the near future.
09:45 to 11:30 WORK WORK WORK
09:30 more tea .. herbal this time ☺
11:50 & I scratch my head wondering where the time has gone!!
12:15 to 13:00 Take hubby to Gatwick – take nuts to snack on as I’m getting hungry already.
13:00 to 13:20 make and eat lunch (yummy toasted organic seeded type rye bread with salad, slice of ham topped with chicken breast mixed with Tesco’s chilli bean mix and mayo – tastier than I thought ☺
13:30 to 14:30 back to work but more personal facebooking than anything else!!!...Naughty!  Also did updates to my Mac that were needed.
14:40 to 15:45 head off to fetch the kiddos from school and landed up going to the school library to get mini-me-snr books to read at home as he hadn't got any during the day.
15:50 to 16:30 Prep dinner (the mince part of the spaghetti anyway); and make a tray of "insanely good chocolate flapjacks"
Recipe to follow … it will be worth it :-)

16:30 to 18:00 Went to gym. Mini-me-snr had spin class so I did my 10 minutes of core and a walk on the treadmill & 5 minutes of stretching.
18:00+ did the pasta part of dinner and gobbled down a divine bowl of spaghetti-blow-your-nose (as my sister in law used to call it ;-)!!) - I don't generally add bacon lardons but I will be from now on, it made such a difference to a basic simple dish …. AND fussy pants kiddo ATE THE WHOLE BOWL!!
19:00+ Clean the kitchen, top up chickens food, make sure dogs have been fed, give Rufus his meds, get laundry sorted and kids clothes out for school.
20:00+ Get kids upstairs for showers and bedtime reading & get myself showered
21:00+ Teeth sorted and hair dried, I'm in bed reading FB, blogs, Instagram etc and finishing off this post
21:58 Publish this post then dash downstairs as I realise I have not set the dishwasher to go tonight; then back upstairs for a few more minutes of blog reading and be asleep hopefully by 22:30 zzzzzzzzzzzz