Thursday, 17 April 2014

Thursdays Things

… or "stuff" if you are not my kids teaching assistant ;-)


I woke up this morning DETERMINED to have a good day; the sun was shining, my chest felt better (I wore socks with Vicks to bed last night & it seems to have worked), and the kids and I were going to chill, wing it & mini-me-snr & I were going to hit up the gym to do some spin at some point.

Let me introduce the mood spoiler ….
YIP, your eyes are not deceiving you!

At about 11am I look out the back window to see mini-me-snr trying DESPERATELY to stop water cascading out what was left of the tap.  Visualise the top of the tap above the big bolts in the middle - NOT THERE!  As he had lent on the tap to open it the pole & the tap came apart from the base part of the pole.
Being the family we are NONE of us knows where the stop cock is - at the top of our drive I suddenly remember, hubby can't find said stop cock and when he does we need a special pole to be able to stop the water; I can't get hold of a plumber earliest they could get here was 5pm …. so yes we were running around like chickens sans our heads!
Alls well that ends well and after about 15 minutes I manage to shove the pipe back into the bolt and the water stops spewing all over the place & the plumber came round and said he would fix it properly next week but looks ok for now….. my nerves!!!!!

Mini-me-snr & I made it to gym after lunch and had a great secession so he has now officially signed up for their Junior spin class Tuesday night … watch out Bradley Wiggins?!?!

I still had to do my metabolic effect weights workout - something I was not looking forwards to because I had increased the weights and it was causing me stress at not being able to do the squat side raises as the weight was too heavy.  So I had a conversation with myself and said its no good doing something I'm not enjoying so I got all our weights out and found one I could do with effort but not loose form or hurt myself … win-win :-)

Current round of ME exercises
And I will end up showing you that I was so sweaty half way through I had to tie up my hair …..
Have you EVER seen a smaller ponytail heeheehee ;-)

I am totally gobsmacked that I managed to stick to healthy eating today because I have a CUPBOARD FULL of easter eggs and goodies for the weekend … think I might just be growing up, NOT!