Thursday, 10 April 2014

TBT because TBH ....

I'm going to do a Throw Back Thursday because To Be Honest, I feel I need to!

This time last year I was totally in marathon mode and starting to taper in preparation to run my first ever marathon .... The Virgin London Marathon.  I can still feel the nerves and the thoughts running through my head, the conversations with fellow runners on the train out to Blackheath, closing my eyes for the minutes silence and saying a little prayer ....

It was the culmination of MONTHS of training and nearly 2 years in the making as I deferred running 2012 to run in 2013 due to a very inflamed IT band that would't go away.
Why am I rehashing this?  Well because it seems that I have all these emotions bubbling up to the surface as the expo for the 2014 VLM gets underway and the hours tick by until the gun goes off.  I was not expecting this to happen.  Training for and completing the marathon you see was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and here's the cruncher .... one of the few things I started that I actually finished!
For the Full marathon Report see HERE

My emotions possibly stem from memories as well as not being able to run right now (still have that pesky Plantar Fasciitis and new to me Turf Toe); but whatever the reasons I wanted to get the emotions out so I can address them and not eat them.

And with this TBT I want to wish everyone running in the London Marathon this Sunday all the very best for a fantastic 26.2 miles.