Saturday, 12 April 2014

Smooties and Stuff

There is a teaching assistant at the kids school who always tells the kids she does not like the word "stuff" and they need to find other ways to express themselves ….. she's' now know as MRS STUFF ;-)

So what stuff have I been up to this week?  Well if you follow me on Instagram or twitter you know I've been scoffing a smoothie a day because the LURV has returned… I think its a direct correlation to the increase in temperatures in the UK. Well that and Laura over at KHGS is running a 10 day smoothie challenge.  Not to mention its a fab way to kick start a day with loads of fresh veggies and fruit.
Monday & Tuesday
Spinach & pear with crushed cashew nuts and almond milk*
Mixed frozen berries with a banana crushed cashew nuts and almond milk*
Spinach, pear & banana with crushed almonds and almond milk*
Frozen Berry, pear & banana with almond milk
Frozen berries, pear, scoop of strawberry protein shake & almond milk
*I taste and then add a few drops of vanilla stevia if needed

I'm so pleased the weather is warming up and that I have reintroduced smoothies into my life.  I love that I can get so much fruit and/or veg in such an easy delicious way so early in the morning.  This coming week I'm going to venture into mixing berries with spinach & I may even give kale a go (not one of my favourites!)

More stuff involves me checking out my "guns" and finally completing 5 rounds of my metabolic effect circuit in the 20 minute time limit … YAY me ;-)
LOVING the 2 week progress I have made, it's providing me with great self-motivation and a desire to keep going.
Progress always pushes me further and keep doing things like this ...
… packing my own movie snacks

What motivates you to get started or keep going on a project or lifestyle change of your own?
How do you feel about the word "stuff"?