Friday, 11 April 2014

Honesty Friday

I was going to title it "bearing all" but couldn't face the disappointment on some faces when they got here ;-).

So as you know I am on a fat busting mission these days and YES, this meal was on purpose ...
... sugar rush anyone ;-)
I digress, on my way to eating said Belgian waffle with sweet chocolate caramel sauces, I popped into Boots to get on their fan dangled scale that "TELLS ALL". I'll be honest, I was surprised it was working!
So took my boots off, the kids thought this was hysterical (they are NOT invited back to the next weigh in), got on and put my money in.

Here is what it told me:
Am I shocked / surprised / sad / depressed?
Am I going to keep on trying to reduce the fat %?

Have you ever had your body fat % measured?

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.