Friday, 25 April 2014

Fitness Friday

This week has not been a fantastic week for some reason.  I have over eaten and/or eaten unhealthy foods that contain WAAAAAY to much sugar.  And I started getting all down on myself and I was becoming edgy and irritable … it's never a good look ;-)  Then the lovely Laura over at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish posted this on Facebook
and I thought ...
"you know what, I really do need to stop focussing on what went wrong this week and look at what went right!"

So, what went right?

Mini-me-snr did his first official spin class and he loved it :-)
The kiddos were back at school Wednesday after Easter holidays … thats got to be good, right?!?!
Then I gave myself a rest day on Thursday, my mental state needed it just as much if not more so than my body did.
I finally got the hang of those blinkin' squat to side raises that gave me a twinge in my shoulder because I started with a weight WAY to heavy for the move (for me).
It's a killer HARD!

At the end of this week I will have completed my second 2 week secession so have already selected my new routine to start next week.
I'm still excited about the routines and the healthy eating …. I just need to focus a little more on the food; maybe I need to try keep it slightly more varied.  I knew hubby coming home would be a twist but I can't blame him … my willpower has been fading / lacking and with Easter chocolates hanging around it made it difficult.

Do you find you stay excited about doing something new because it becomes a habit or do you easily get bored?