Sunday, 6 April 2014

Cheering on Brighton Marathon

Well I headed down to Brighton (Rottingdean actually) to cheer on the runners of the Brighton Marathon 2014.  I left home and it was raining … HARD.  I was ready with brolly to hand.  I head out to the turnaround between miles 9 and 10 its easy parking and I don;t get caught up in BRighton traffic.

Fortunately it was not raining in Brighton but it was seriously moody
 Walking down, Brighton in the mist

I missed the male front runners by a few minutes, I saw them heading off into the distance as I was walking down and then I missed the ladies by a minute, most annoying!
These were the front runners I did catch
But most importantly I missed my friend running through - I'm gutted to have missed her but never fear, she managed to smash her PB and got the sub 4 she has been working for …
My lesson for today:

Have a great week everyone, take Monday by the horns and show its who's boss.