Saturday, 5 April 2014

A new me.

OK so this is what I posted on Facebook last week ...
"I'm focused
I'm determined"
and followed up with ...
And this time I believe I really mean it!

I am through with dieting but not giving up on making myself the healthiest me that there is. I know there are certain foods that make me feel rubbish, bloated and lethargic and I (yes I know) AGAIN, I am going to keep away from these.  I am experimenting and finding a way that is sustainable for me to work towards being healthy and slimming my frame down to where I feel physical comfortable but not become a maniac about foods I "can't" eat or "won't" eat.  I am working towards a balance so there is no deprivation that leads to binge eating uncontrollably which leads to feelings of failure.  I am focusing on what my body needs and when it needs it and how it makes me feel (physically & emotionally). Hand in hand with this I am also going to address my emotional eating habits when they arise.

I have been reading a book called The Metabolic Effect
I got my copy off Amazon HERE
Now whilst this is called a DIET I don't like the word (in a deprivation context) and generally forget to add it ;-)

What I am taking from this book is the multiple meals (3 to 6 per day) and their weight exercise routines. The book maintains that doing the weight exercises (which are "rest based training" workouts) 3 times a week and walking 30 to 60 minutes daily will kick start your metabolism into fat burning mode (I am being VERY basic here!).  Now, since my *silly foot syndrome* is still around I can't do the all the walking but am substituting with spin classes, which is kinda the same right!!

So I have managed to get through my first week with ease and whilst I have been drained of energy I have hideous hay fever which is to blame for that (I've started "medicating" and am feeling loads better today).  
And once I have found my old measurements book I can start to make comparisons in body measurements which will be my main form of progress.  YES, I will be getting on the scales but only occasionally - I promise!

An example of my weekly workouts moving forward:
Monday: Metabolic effect (ME) weights workout* + Spin
Tuesday: Spin 
Wednesday: ME weights workout + Spin + Body Balance
Thursday: Pilates / Rest Day
Friday: ME weights workout + Spin + Pilates
Saturday: Spin
Sunday: Rest Day

1 week in so its hard to comment on progress but I have noticed that if I miss one of the meals (even a mid-main meal snack) it can have a roll on effect which means I have to curve sugar cravings, which lead to binges for me.  I've also learnt that whilst dairy does not affect me … I'm better without it.

This rings a bell with me at this stage of my journey and my plan is to diminish the fat I have.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.