Monday, 14 April 2014

A Dinner Post: Curry Cauliflower & Sprouts

I am always looking out for new recipes and veggies to try and sprouts are something I shun every year at christmas. However I came across a recipe that shredded the sprouts before adding them to some panfried bacon and diced onion.  I cannot tell you how well this worked.  I used 2 slices bacon back chopped up, panfried in a knob of butter with a diced onion, salt and pepper and a small bag of sprouts I chopped in the blender before adding.  Hey presto they were done in under 10 minutes.

I was also recently pointed to a recipe for coconut curry cauliflower HERE; but as I didn't have any canned coconut milk I used the following:
- tsp garlic paste
- tsp ginger paste
- tsp coriander paste
- a cup of almond milk
- tbsp mild curry powder
- salt & pepper
- a head of cauliflower

It all turned out rather well, sprouts and cauliflower.
The sprouts lost some of their greenness before they made it to the plate, mainly because the cauliflower took longer than I thought it would.
But the taste was there and the meal was scrummy.

It's interesting to try find a variety of meals to suit the tastes, I am trying to get variety and not have the same five dinners week in and week out.  So you must know that the temptation to make these veggie dishes every night for the rest of the week is HUGE!

Do you have a set weekly menu or does it change constantly?