Thursday, 6 March 2014

Photo Bomb Type Post

Renewed Breakfast Love
1 or 2 eggs + 1 Banana
mash the banana
mix in the eggs
into a medium heat frying pan until done (flip half way)
Add favourite topping

On High Alert
My doggies do not like unexpected canine visitors :(

New Couch Throw
Trying to brighten up a drab lounge for spring without forking out for new couches which are in dire need of replacing!

Mango = Childhood Memories
Only back in my day mangos had loads of stringy fibres in them.

New Snack Love
I don't like the strings but these are fab especially when added to a few almonds or mixed nuts.

World Book Day
Mini-me-snr was Artemis Fowl
And mini-me-jnr was Greg Heffley

Today I feel slightly drained, not sure why but I have thought back and can't remember when last I had an iron water or Berocca - think I need to top up and not get lazy about it when I am feeling all top of the world.