Saturday, 8 March 2014

Official Rest Day

Well today was my official rest day and I have had a fantastic day.  I had a lovely little lie-in then dragged my butt into the kitchen to make some belated pancakes for breakfast … YUM.

Then a friend popped in for some coffee and a natter (and to drop mini-me-jnr off form his sleepover).

It was only then that the REAL fun kicked in.  We haven't had chickens for 2 years now, basically since the nasty, mean foxes attacked and killed all of our girls.  Since then the weeds had taken over their "garden" and the coup.
This is what it looked like late last year!
Fortunately most of the weeds have died down and we could see get to the coup to start our project.
It took the WHOLE family but we took it apart as much as we dared and then lifted it up over the walls and out into the drive. Hubby & I at the back, Gran & Mini-me-snr at the front and Mini-me-jnr keeping the dogs at bay.

Then out came the power hose and Mini-me-snr had a ball spraying it down.

Then as we lunched, the sun was shining so it dried out a treat.  I put it back together and I'm hoping to get some chickens tomorrow.
The plan is to move them around the garden whilst they stay locked up in the security of their Eglu but have fresh grass to scratch in every few weeks.
win-win I'm thinking … I just need to remember WHICH part of the garden they are in when I collect eggs every morning
What is your favourite season and why?
I am LOVING the spring weather, there is a sense of freshness, hope and life in the air.