Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Missing My Fairy

As you may all remember, my mom came to visit for a few months.  At the moment she is out in Cheshire visiting with her cousin and I must say ….. I'm missing my fairy!  When mom is here she unpacks my dishwasher, washes all the crusty pots from cooking, packs everything away - she even folds all my laundry.
Yeah I know, so now I have to do all this "stuff" while she is away; does not leave much time for blogging but here I sit ignoring kids homework and reading to let you all know what I got up to today!
oat bran porridge mixed with cinnamon & vanilla steivia; topped with a banana
Then it was the school run but we were cutting it fine so coffee on the go it was
Then it was off to the gym for some circuits ...
… And a spin class

I've not worn a HR monitor for YEARS AGES so thought it might be a good idea - and the readings were not nearly as bad as they could have been with me … I've been know to be dead according to my HR monitor reading ;-).
Butternut & Parsnip soup with chicken and pasta
braised lentils with leftover lamb shank
UNPICTURED … it was gone before I remembered!!
So now I need to drag my a$$ upstairs to go fold approximately 4 baskets of laundry AGH

What is your least favourite house chore?
I personally have a hard time choosing!