Sunday, 23 March 2014

Just for today ...

Remember my "frugal" comments in this post HERE?
Well I wasn't just talking, as a family we have ACTIONED it and are on a new budget scheme.
Its interesting
Its challenging
and best of all ...
It does't allow for me to buy loads of crappy, unhealthy foods without it denting the budget!

I ordered my Tesco click & collect last night and collected it this morning - kids didn't even ask "what treats did you get us?"  they learn quicker than I do I think ;-)

I did make a home version of Nutella recipe thanks to Dannii at Healthy Hungry Happy
My boys can go through a jar a week so I thought this would be great!
… and it is!
Only they don't like the texture "toooo uuummm nutty" 
but I love it ;-)

My BFF (who now lives in Australia) was in town last week for a conference, so it was catching up time and setting the world to rights time then it was goodbye time …. thats when I made Nutella :-(

So my thoughts for the week ahead are these:
Be good to yourselves.