Friday, 7 March 2014

I Took The Day Off


I woke up this morning and cancelled the classes I had booked at gym (Spin, Body Pump and Pilates).  I was feeling tired and wanted a break from routine.  Instead I went into town shopping. I'm looking for some storage solutions for all the kids "stuff" that is piling up in a corner in the dining room - it needs to get organised before it takes over the blooming room!  So I took lots of pictures and measurements and hopefully I will decide on something soon.

What I did buy was some new gym kit using some of my "jar" money:
I love the stripes, the colour and the combo,
Its going to have to be a "brave day" to wear them together though ;-)

After spending the whole morning in town I got in the car to see how red my eyebrows were from threading … YEIKS
I had walked around town for about an hour looking like that!!!

Then after lunch I decided to scrape down the walls and ceiling in the bathroom.  There must be about 20 layers of paint and it has been slowly peeling in big thick rolls off the walls for about 2 years now. So that came off easily enough, the rest … not so much.  So at school run time I called it a day and cleaned up when we got home.

I'm exhausted but feel fulfilled from an "I achieved something" perspective.

What did you do today?
Do you ever cancel a days plans to do something else? Tell me what you did instead.