Monday, 17 March 2014


So throughout this year the exercise side of my life has been great but the diet has been getting progressively worse.  I survived through my 21 day no biscuit challenge with relative ease and so I thought I could take on the challenge of dropping all sugar and sugar related items from my diet. If you follow Facebook you will know that I have reset this challenge numerous times
I seem to only be able to manage 2 days … at best!

I got on the scale this morning and it was dismal.  It was really no surprise but more a slap in the face for being so stupid really; as the amount of rubbish I have been stuffing down my gob, along with all the fab healthy meals needless to say, have taken their toll.

SO, what am I to do?

I have tried this and that and know what works well for my body.  I know:
a) If I eat chocolate, white bread, cakes or biscuits, it will turn into a binge debauchery scene
b) Eating Dukan is best but expensive
c) I want to eat clean and healthy without going into overdraft to do so

This all points me in the direction of including calorie counting into my days; I will be using myfitnesspal which is free .... YAY; logging my recipes and meals as I go, as well as exercise and any exercise refuelling (shakes and smoothies I'm hoping).

Today I started with attacking the veggie rack and the fridge drawers and made 2 batches of soup for this weeks lunches (enough for hubby and I).
Red Pepper & Potato; and Butternut & Parsnip

So along with calorie counting I'm going to see how frugal I can be whilst being healthy; AGAIN I have told the kids that sweets and junk are OFF my shopping list as this will help me big time if its not in the house I can't eat it and I'm hoping it will help them appreciate REAL food more as well.  I will be setting myself a budget …. it's non specific really but it goes like this:
Spend less money on groceries!

OK, so what tips do you have for me to be frugal in my monthly shopping?