Monday, 10 February 2014

Yeah So Uuuuummmm

What happened to my blogging these past few weeks huh? Yeah I don't know either, one minute there I was on a roll then POOF … nothing.  I have been facebooking so catch up with me there if you haven't already.

Exercise Update:
I seem to be settling in to a rather nice groove with exercise. I'm LOVING Pilates and I don't think its any coincidence that I have my best nights sleep the night I do Pilates.  I've also kept up strength training so between my circuits, TRX & Body Pump which give me variety but still works me hard - I even upped a few of my baby weights in Body Pump to just above whip status YEEHAA :-)
A typical week at the moment looks Like this:
Monday: Spin
Tuesday: Spin + strength circuit
Wednesday: Pilates
Thursday: TRX + Body Balance 
Friday: Spin class + Body Pump 
Saturday: REST DAY
Sunday: Spin class

Its working for me and I'm enjoying.

Food update:
Still avoiding refined and white carbs to the best of my ability and am holding steady on the #NoBiscuit challenge; just the one wobble with cheesecake that had what I guessed was a biscuit base. But I have not opened a pack or removed a biscuit from a pack or a box to consume it - I'm winning this war!

My boys are on half term holidays form this Friday so I need to get activity organising because if I don't the week will whizz by and all they will have done is eat, sleep & play video games.  I'm thinking of locating some geocashing maps but not sure because the weather will be wet, windy and miserable I'm sure.

What can you suggest I do to get a 10 and 7 year old out the house?